Challenge – Day 1


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Here is a little information on the uses of stones.  Now that we carry bracelets with a variety of different stones we thought we should share some of the properties.  Knowing the stones will help in deciding the oil that best compliments!  I won’t deny that I too am learning as we go on these things but I do believe in them.  These are ancient old practices that are finding there way back to us.  Before medicines and synthetic versions of treatments this is what was used.  Funny how history truly repeats itself.

I will be adding more information regularly!

I want to put out a challenge to anyone who dares.  Lets start a gratitude and self-love  journal.  Everyday we will enter 5 things we are grateful for and 5 nice things about ourselves starting with I AM.  You have all heard about the power of I AM.  If you haven’t I strongly suggest you use the link provided and watch this one hour sermon.  Whether you are a believer of God or not the teaches apply to everyone of any religion or belief. This was featured on Oprah!

So I am going to start my journal right here with you!

I am grateful for:

  • my family and friends
  • my life
  • my health
  • my opportunities
  • my ability to change

Self -Love

  • I am a beautiful person
  • I am a generous
  • I am a positive
  • I am a healthy
  • I am a determined

If you are struggling to say nice things about yourself than you need to do this more than anyone!  Ever hear of the saying “fake it til’ you make it”, well then this applies.  You can retrain your own beliefs of yourself just doing this.

Signing off

Me (Tamara)