happy happy….

Hi there!

So we are still at The Ex (CNE) in Toronto!  It is coming to an end :(.  Although I can’t deny I am looking forward to going home!  Miss my family.

My co-worker/sales and promoter, Chelsey Ball, is also looking forward to seeing her newlywed husband, but she is a trooper because she is a true member of The Me Store team.

Our whole team wants to thank everyone who stopped in to see us at The Ex and to all of those who have ordered online, good for you – taking care of yourself, we LOVE it 🙂

As for the headline of this post, I am soo happy because I have managed to lose some weight!!!  Woot woot!

Weight is a huge struggle for me, why? Because I eat my feelings.  I am sure many of you can relate. But I have been consistent in drinking my tea, and eating a nutritious breakfast.  And that’s a whole other battle – committing.  I am good for a while then I fall and when I fall its not for that moment or day its for weeks and even months before I jump back on.  It’s like I give up on myself.  As I’ve said before “A work in progress” and that I am.  But hey, I am in love with my progression.  The more I see others loving, validating, and really taking care of themselves mind, body and soul, the stronger the love grows in me.

Have a fantastic day and remember self love + love for all