It’s another day….

Hi everyone,

We are still at The Ex in Toronto and I have to say we have talked and met some really nice people!  I would like to thank all of you that made a purchase yesterday and I sure hope your enjoying your tea.

We were asked a very good question yesterday:  What makes your product better than the competitions?  Well.. quality for sure, but its more than that, it’s knowing when you leave or have purchased something from us you are empowering yourself and others to take care of themselves.  We know you will like your purchase and so you will share your experience – hence giving people the permission to know that it’s ok to take of yourself.  It’s a must.

FYI a few benefits of tea

  • high in antioxidants (antioxidants are those little guys that fight the free radical guys, and those guys cause illness, cancer, skin conditions etc.  so we need the good guys!)
  • aids in weight management and weight loss
  • reduces stress levels within your body
  • helps to relax and improve quality of sleep

Have a Great Day!!!