Our Mission

Hi everyone!

We are at the Western Fair and it has been a lot of fun.  Can’t deny we are a wee bit tired as we just finished The Ex, but my co-worker Chelsey and I are troopers and love meeting new people.  Sharing information on our products and making people smile and feel good about what they bought is the best feeling ever.

We want to leave everyone with a feeling of being informed and truly understanding what they have purchased and the difference it will make in their lives.  Which brings me to our ultimate goal, starting a foundation to help people/women take back their life, grab the world and make it theirs again.  We want to donate 1% of all purchases to start setting up safe houses locally, nationally, and globally.  These safe houses will be a place of resource, education and love.  We currently support shelters and various charities when and where we can, but we want to do more.  Empowering all to do for themselves, love themselves enough to know that they are worth investing in.  Everything in life starts and ends with you.

We believe all people genuinely want to help/give and now by taking care of you, you can.  Anytime you shop at The Me Store and share your experience, you are supporting our ultimate goal/mission and of course, you’re getting quality with every purchase :).


Aren’t we cute! 🙂 lol

Signing off…