Tamara and Carolyn


Hello everyone!

We are still at The Ex in Toronto Ontario and it is going great!  People are amazing and I am loving the energy here.

I decided while I was here I was going to get on board with my relationship between myself and my body, not so easy while being surrounded by all of the best comfort food there is!!  Yes I am still lacking the worth and motivation to get my physical body in the shape I am at mentally – always a work in progress, we all are.  I will get there!

Wish I could share more with you all, but I have to get mingling with everyone here.

Have a great day, stay grateful and most importantly love yourself – you are amazingly beautiful 🙂


Tamara and Carolyn

It’s another day….

Hi everyone,

We are still at The Ex in Toronto and I have to say we have talked and met some really nice people!  I would like to thank all of you that made a purchase yesterday and I sure hope your enjoying your tea.

We were asked a very good question yesterday:  What makes your product better than the competitions?  Well.. quality for sure, but its more than that, it’s knowing when you leave or have purchased something from us you are empowering yourself and others to take care of themselves.  We know you will like your purchase and so you will share your experience – hence giving people the permission to know that it’s ok to take of yourself.  It’s a must.

FYI a few benefits of tea

  • high in antioxidants (antioxidants are those little guys that fight the free radical guys, and those guys cause illness, cancer, skin conditions etc.  so we need the good guys!)
  • aids in weight management and weight loss
  • reduces stress levels within your body
  • helps to relax and improve quality of sleep

Have a Great Day!!!


Tamara and Carolyn

Let’s get Personal with Tamara!!

Hello everyone,

There is so much to blog about, but what I want to start talking about is my personal struggles with self-worth which reflects in my weight and skin and of course life choices.  Since my separation from my marriage of 10 years, 4 years ago I’ve grown quite a lot!  It was my shall we say, “a not so good marriage” that became my biggest blessing.  I say this because the darkness that surrounded my life forced me to see the light.  Once a person reaches bottom there are only 2 choices left, succumb or fight.  I chose to fight, and in this fight I learned more about myself, who I want to be, what’s important to me, why I make  the choses I do etc. etc.  I can’t say I’ve reached total ease with myself yet, I still fall, but I do not reach the bottom anymore. I like to consider myself a work in progress!

My purpose in sharing this tidbit of my life, and I will be sharing much more, is because I want people to know the reason for The Me Store, it’s name and why we picked the slogan Me -Taking Care Of Me.  I realized that when I wasn’t taking care of myself inside and out I was only trading kindness, in a sense I was keeping score.  What do I mean?  For instance:  I would always say to myself/partner or just vent to friend about another that here I am doing all of this for them and they do not return the same treatment.  I even do things I don’t want to do for him/them.  Sound familiar?  What was I doing? Ultimately trying to change them when really I was the one who needed to change.  It’s a real big blow to realize the change I was so desperate to see in others was in direct reflection of the changes I needed to make for myself.  I was putting my happiness/ validations / confidence in other peoples hands, and because I was doing this I was always getting hurt and feeling used hence the trade, I would do with the expectation of  feeling  validated / happy / confident.  This wasn’t working!  I NEEDED to change.  And so I am forever changing and growing personal awareness.  You can too!  I believe in people and the power they have within themselves if they choose to.  So back to the first sentence why The Me Store?  Because I need ME to be whole and full to not only get through this life but to enjoy it.  I want me to be the best me I can be internally, externally, and inspirationally.  And because I want this for myself I want this for everyone, I want to empower people but mostly women (not gonna lie, lol) to take charge of their lives, take care of themselves, know they are worth it, and most importantly know you can believe in you like you have believed in others.

If my story is of interest stay tuned I will be sharing my roller coaster weight loss journey that I am soooo still on, and more…..

Thanks for reading!

Have a wonderful day and stay true to you.