Tamara and Carolyn

Your power


Hello everyone,

Hope your day has started with a bang!  A good bang of course 🙂

My day has started out with a feeling of pure gratitude, why? Because my life has given me so much.  I am not talking about things, I am talking about life’s lessons, and what they have given me.  Strength, knowledge, emotion, people and an incredibly strong desire to pay it forward.

What about you, have you ever asked yourself about your desires, passions, what is important to you?  It’s hard to see the good when your life feels like your in a hole with no way out, my thoughts on this are, you are alive, you are able to think even if they are “negative” you are feeling, again even if it is sadness, this means you have power and tools available to you.  Even when your situation does not leave much to be grateful for think of a time when you felt joy, think of how you are living the life you are and have the strength to endure it, praise yourself for the commitment you’ve given to the life you have good or bad, your in it.  Once you start giving yourself some support and praise you will create a shift and things will almost magically happen to encourage a “happier” life.

As some of you may have read a couple of my previous life blogs, I truly understand how darkness has a way of becoming ones life.  I am still human and visit the darkness from time to time, the only difference for me now is I don’t unpack.  This can be you too, heck maybe you don’t even visit anymore and for that I applaud.

So, for today I am leaving you with this quote I once read “even in the darkness a light can shine, the dark cannot turn off the light”  Your the light, always were and always will be.