Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend.

We had a good weekend too, busy but good ūüôā

Anyone reading these blogs/entries have any struggles with their weight?¬† As a women once said to me she’s been “dieting” for 43 years I couldn’t help but laugh and totally relate!¬† I am however doing something about it, again….but this time I am not dieting, I am just doing a 20 min workout at home 5-6 days a week.¬† I have days where I start making excuses to myself about why I cant workout or get just plain lazy but in the end of this conversation with myself I say do you want to feel good? My answer to this question is always yes, and so then my next question is how bad?¬† And then I hit the workout!¬† As for my food intake I have curbed it a bit, just dropping fast foods, deep fried foods and processed foods.¬† I still eat desserts, bread (not white, rye and the darker the better for you), pasta but only a couple times a month, you get the drift, basically all foods in moderation and nothing processed this is key.¬† There are a million diets to choose from and I’ve probably tried at least half of them, all the quick fixes, no carbs, boiled egg diet etc. etc.¬† And with all of this experience I’ve learned that¬†fresh foods, drinking an absolute ¬†minimum of 1.5litres of water a day, drinking green tea with fresh lemon and fresh ginger root, (I really don’t like green tea but I make myself only once a day) eating whatever you want in moderation (excluding processed foods) and moving will get you feeling good again.¬† MOVEMENT is the KEY.¬† Nothing gets your body working better than movement.

Riding the weight¬† roller coaster all my life I have finally discovered why this is for me.¬† Whenever I have lost weight in the past it was for a reason, like I have a trip coming up and I want to look good, or I am single and have to look good, or my job was so physical that it was inevitable, my point is I never lost weight just for me, I mean I never looked at myself and said that I alone am reason enough, I am worth it. ME being proud of ME what a thought!¬† So now whenever I get that craving for a Big Mac I say this to myself, I cant let you eat that, I don’t want you to feel guilty and give up.¬†These¬†are¬†words you¬†would say to anyone¬†you were¬†hoping to help and motivate.¬† Your not crazy talking to yourself and taking care of yourself, the truth is the choice is always yours no matter what outward influences are.¬† So go ahead and support yourself, respect yourself, LOVE yourself enough to make a change for yourself no matter what your battling.

Anyways I have to go and get some more work done!

Have a fantastic day ūüôā