Tamara and Carolyn


Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend.

We had a good weekend too, busy but good ūüôā

Anyone reading these blogs/entries have any struggles with their weight?¬† As a women once said to me she’s been “dieting” for 43 years I couldn’t help but laugh and totally relate!¬† I am however doing something about it, again….but this time I am not dieting, I am just doing a 20 min workout at home 5-6 days a week.¬† I have days where I start making excuses to myself about why I cant workout or get just plain lazy but in the end of this conversation with myself I say do you want to feel good? My answer to this question is always yes, and so then my next question is how bad?¬† And then I hit the workout!¬† As for my food intake I have curbed it a bit, just dropping fast foods, deep fried foods and processed foods.¬† I still eat desserts, bread (not white, rye and the darker the better for you), pasta but only a couple times a month, you get the drift, basically all foods in moderation and nothing processed this is key.¬† There are a million diets to choose from and I’ve probably tried at least half of them, all the quick fixes, no carbs, boiled egg diet etc. etc.¬† And with all of this experience I’ve learned that¬†fresh foods, drinking an absolute ¬†minimum of 1.5litres of water a day, drinking green tea with fresh lemon and fresh ginger root, (I really don’t like green tea but I make myself only once a day) eating whatever you want in moderation (excluding processed foods) and moving will get you feeling good again.¬† MOVEMENT is the KEY.¬† Nothing gets your body working better than movement.

Riding the weight¬† roller coaster all my life I have finally discovered why this is for me.¬† Whenever I have lost weight in the past it was for a reason, like I have a trip coming up and I want to look good, or I am single and have to look good, or my job was so physical that it was inevitable, my point is I never lost weight just for me, I mean I never looked at myself and said that I alone am reason enough, I am worth it. ME being proud of ME what a thought!¬† So now whenever I get that craving for a Big Mac I say this to myself, I cant let you eat that, I don’t want you to feel guilty and give up.¬†These¬†are¬†words you¬†would say to anyone¬†you were¬†hoping to help and motivate.¬† Your not crazy talking to yourself and taking care of yourself, the truth is the choice is always yours no matter what outward influences are.¬† So go ahead and support yourself, respect yourself, LOVE yourself enough to make a change for yourself no matter what your battling.

Anyways I have to go and get some more work done!

Have a fantastic day ūüôā



Tamara and Carolyn

Inspired :)

Hello everyone,

Yes I know I haven’t blogged in way too long…..

The truth for me is, a commitment like this is hard, writing about life and trying to inspire people is not as easy as one thinks.¬† I guess keeping myself inspired is what’s hard.¬† The only thing I can say in my defense is I am committed to growing The Me Store.¬† The Me Store is about much more than the products, don’t get me wrong they are awesome and of amazing quality (I don’t just sell them I actually use them) but its about empowering people to take care of themselves, love themselves because when we do this we are then of true service to others.¬† Every customer, follower, reader basically anyone who supports this store is a part of something bigger, they are a part of a fund, and this fund is what will help others to help themselves.¬† Examples of future plans once we’ve reached our target is to give women skills to stand on their own, education funds, we don’t just want to put people on government assistance after leaving a shelter, or coming off the street,¬†we want them to feel proud of who they are and what they have overcome and accomplished.¬† We want to help women in impoverished countries by giving them skills, such as body sugaring, massage, spa related therapies which they can perform on tourists.¬† Also give them a share in the tea plantations, proper housing etc.¬† I mean having a baby in the field and continuing to work is unreal to me and yet this sort of thing still happens.¬† It’s truly a win win, by you looking after yourself, you are automatically looking after someone else, really, how cool is that?¬† Very cool in my eyes.

As some of you already know we do promotional giveaways regularly on FB and Instagram and the winner of our recent Instagram giveaway has truly inspired me to keep up with the blogging and I would like to thank her.  She was what I needed and I am soooo grateful.

We all need to be reminded every now and then how important we are and how even though we don’t always see it, the impact we make by being alive.¬† We are supposed to be here, we are meant to be here, and we are worthy of being here.¬† This is your “MeMinder” for today!

Have a great day everyone and talk again tomorrow ūüôā